Our Scotties

Miss Marple Paula


This is the first Scottie to put his paws in our house is Paisley Ms Marple Paula. With her glossy black fur, which has meanwhile already been provided with gray hair, she corresponds to the complete characteristics of a Scottish Terrier. She is calm, alert and reserved, but is not afraid to take tough action in an emergency. It sometimes seems to us that Paula understands a conversation and prefers to be with her people. She also likes to be carried away by one or the other cuddle unit and nothing beats her beloved charm.

Winning Wilma


Paisley Winning Wilma is the first to be noticed by those who visit us. The guard post at the garden fence is undoubtedly her job and she watches the events that take place in front of her with eagle eyes. In the four walls, however, she shows her soft side and plays with the other Scotties. She is often skeptical of strangers, but after a while she also accepts visitors.

Happy Holly


Our piece of gold comes true to the slogan “Square, practical, good”. Magnico Happy Holly is a lovable, brindle-colored dog whose temperament melts every heart. She is always in a good mood and ready for everyone to have fun. At exhibitions she is always calm and interested in what is happening. She has also already achieved the title of VDH/KfT Junior Champion.